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November 10, 2004
Presenting three new authors: Gayane Vopyan, Ashot Beglaryan and Sargis Kantarjyan. Also new works added to Sara Margaryan's page.

January 1, 2004
Happy Amanor (it's New Year in Armenian), folks!
And we are glad to present our new author Armen Malkhasyan.

We are looking for new, young and talented authors, especially those who write in Armenian. If you know someone who may be interested in publishing his/her works on our site, please, let us know.


Gayane VopyanGayane Vopyan

Enjoys translating beautiful pieces of prose into Armenian.

Ashot BeglaryanAshot Beglaryan

Ashot lives in Karabakh—a country which not long ago went through a bloody war for independence. No wonder that the traces of the war can be found in his stories too.

Sargis GhantarjyanSargis Ghantarjyan

Stories and memories from his childhood so full of Yerevan of 1940s...

Sara MargaryanSara Margaryan (new works added)

Love, sadness, warmth and... love, love, love. Her poetry is equally excellent in English, in Armenian, in Russian. Enjoy!

Armen MalkhasyanArmen Malkhasyan

Armen retolds the old legend of Hayk and Bel.

Zhanna Andreasyan... well, almost ;)Zhanna Andreasyan

If one could photograph both what she sees and what she thinks with a Polaroid camera, and then put all that pictures together in some chaotic pattern then that would be what Zhanna's fiction look like.

Jasmine - Hasmik MovsissianHasmik 'Jasmine' Movsissian

Jasmine is slightly crazy, in endless search for herself and her elusive soul mate.

Isabella Ter-HovhannisyanIsabella Ter-Hovhannisyan

Vega$. Despite the dollar sign in her pen name, she is a very unselfish person. Isa’s first attempts at writing are fair and unpretentious. Read her works in Armenian in English and in Russian.

Victoria AgajanovaVictoria Agajanova

a. k. a. Vitalina Romashkova. Her poetry and fiction is an intelligently mixed cocktail of emotions, fire and philosophy. More about Victoria. Victoria's works (in Russian only).

Simon Simonian (Razbirat)Susanna Davidyan

What will happen if a person who believes he's a Turk suddenly find out he's an Armenian. In her novel "Return to oneself" Susanna tries to find the answer. More about Susanna. Read the novel (in Russian only)

Arthur Barseghyan

Pen Name: Forever Child. He is incredibly kind and suicidal. Barseghyan writes poems, short stories, and fairy tales. He also creates music, sings, takes great photos and even shoots movies. Coming soon.

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