Isabella Ter-Hovhannisyan


a.k.a. Vega$

Born on a rainy spring day in 1983 in Yerevan, I grew up in the pink city and thought that I would always live there. But I guess life has its own ways – I’ve been away from my family and friends, from places that I love, off and on, since I was 13.
First it was a year in the US, spent living with an American family, which was a great experience and the birth of my artistic side. I also traveled to different countries in Eastern Europe. Presently I am a student at the American University in Bulgaria, trying to work on putting a life-long project together out of things that seem to be falling apart.

Poetry and fiction by Isabella in Armenian / in Russian


Can’t stand my own mind...

All things merge into one...

I will develop a new religion...


I am blind... (also in Armenian)


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