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Literary Cafe is a nonprofit project by — Armenian Library and Literary Forum. Its primary purpose is to promote young Armenian writers and poets. Please see the "Questions and answers" section below for more information. This page is also available in Armenian and Russian.


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Questions and answers

Can a non-Armenian post his/her works on your site?
Yes. Creativity cannot be limited by the boundaries of a nationality. If you want to join us you are very welcome.

Are there any restrictions on what kind of works can be posted in Literary Cafe?
Yes. We prefer not to publish works containing/promoting hatred, intolerance, works of pornographic nature. Also we do not publish works that we think would not be very interesting for our visitors.

Who decides whether the the submitted work is not appropriate?
We decide. Period.

How can I send you my work to be published?
Please, contact us for further instructions (we hope that one day the submission process will be automatic, but until then... ).

If I publish my work on your web site, do I lose my copyrights?
No you don't. You just give us NON-EXCLUSIVE right to publish your works in Literary Cafe ONLY. We do not have right to redistribute it in any media without your written permission.

I decided to remove my previously published works from your web site. Is that possible?
Yes. Even though that would be very sad for us, but we will remove any piece of text or art created by you if you decide so.

If you have more questions feel free to contact us.

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