Hasmik Jasmine Movsissian


Once upon a time I received a reference to one of my stories. The author gave me an advise I read an advice - writing your stories, write “She” instead of “I” - it will be more strongly expressed. So, I’m trying to follow that advice now.

She’s alive, so let’s not mention, when she was born.

What’s her name? - When born, her parents granted her the name of a little white little flower - Hasmik (Jasmine). So since then, she is: Officially - Hasmik Movsisyan; friendly - Hasi, Jas, Jasik, Jasminchik, Hasul’ or Hasul’kin; for just readers - Jasmine.

Chose one and go ahead! ;-)

What she’s loved most of all since early childhood? … books, singing, creating things with flowers, plasticine or clay… One of her greatest passions was the stage where one can fly away from earthly thoughts and live imagery life… Her second, not less passionate passion was writing. Her first poem appeared at seven, though even before then, approximately since five, she would write tales with constant lethal outcomes. Tragic ones, I’d say!!! And it wasn’t only her, who thought so - Mum and Dad, reading her tales, used to laugh and call her “our little Shakespeare”. This would make her mad. Only after getting acquainted with uncle Shakespeare she realized what a favor it was to be called so.

Years passed… 21-year-old Jasminchik fell in love… then fell out of love… a couple of years later 23-year old Jasminchik fell in love and soon fell out of love again… Those “in”-s and “out”-s were terribly attractive feeding for a little winged creature, Pegasus by name, which helped her in entering certain inspired and friendly circles.

That’s more or less all, I think. Except that…

In constant search of her Prince? — In opposition to happy-ended fairy tales, princes in reality often turn out to be swineherds…


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